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Color: Architect’s Perspective

The importance of color cannot be exaggerated enough. It is the essence of everything around and inside us, be it natural or artificial. For more than 100 years now studies have found the impact of color on human psychology. The implementation of colors in architecture have great influence on human beings both physiologically and psychologically. The word color itself translates to “sensation”.

The effects of color are emotional as well as symbolic. Hence the person responsible for color scheme of a place has a huge responsibility of choosing wisely and such that it has the best possible effect according to its environment.

Color Psychology

Color forms a band of communication across humans and even monkeys. Different colors convey different messages:

A friendly, soft, bright yet cozy feeling comes from pastel yellow. Red gives a dominant and aggressive look. A secure and calm feel comes from green. White is sterile.


The color designer needs to understand the perception of color in a human brain with respect to monotony and overstimulation. Stress has a direct relation with color. Monotony causes restlessness and irritability. Overstimulation can cause increased heart rate and various psychiatric reactions.

Architecture and Psychosomatics

Every architectural product has an associated psychosomatic effect. According to David Felton, the connection between mind and body is established as soon as the sensors are stimulated.

Color Ergonomics

A color specifier needs to understand the difference in adaptation of eye to different hues of light, and hence color. Correct luminosity can help avoid eye fatigue and increase productivity. An LR value measures a color’s reflective property. According to visual ergonomists the ideal ratio of color density should be 3 to 1 i.e. lightest color should be about 60% and darkest 20%.

Research and Practice

Dr. R. Küller expresses his dread for the fact that there is a huge gap between research and what is actually practiced. Thus came into formation the International Association of Color Consultants (IACC). This association host an accreditation program known as the “IACC Academy of Color and Environment” that brings professionals to one platform globally.

To sum it all up, colors’ importance is an undeniable fact and must not and should not be compromised on.

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