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Designer House from Mystic Paint works: 5 tips

Selecting a color or applying a texture is not all that paints have to offering. Playing the mix and match game is highly accepting by the modern interior designers. Creating new walls from simple techniques can be done easily at home.

Old is Gold

Give your room a chic look with a bronze gold or mixed with black. You can also use textured paints and classy maxing of colors. Hence helping you with a brilliant gold look which is not eye burning, rather an eye catching color segment.

Soft and Airy

Creating a synergy with paint and other elements of the room can make a huge difference. Keeping one wall dark with light brush strokes and light colored furniture can give the room a relaxing feel. Keep furniture items at distance from each other. Do not add influencing decorative items. Spot lights over the painted wall and few over the furniture will give the room a spacious ambiance.


Use of elegant copper or silver colors will give your room an intense depth look. Add a false wall supported with LEDs around it behind areas like Bed head board or as TV wall. The reflective and balance look gives your room a brilliant artistic groom.

Brick Work

The ancient brick look never gets old. Keeping your bricks and painting over them with a simple color like white or brick red will be a great innovation. This England 1900’s look is back, keeping the old and up fronting with modern technology is all that you need to do.

Soothing Ambiance

Soft and settle dose the game. Make use of marshmallow colors such as pink, lilac or blue. With his use soft see through fabric curtains and velvet walls as head boards. Velvet brings out the softness of a room hence a perfect soothing ambiance.

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