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How to paint Eco-Friendly way

Going green is not just limited to saving things and other resources, rather opting for eco-friendly painting techniques is also one of them. There are small things that you can keep your out for, while painting your home.

1- Not the Volatile Organic Compound way.

Home is a safe place but if the paint that you have selected contains VOC, it is not so safe anymore. Volatile Organic Compounds can directly influence our well-being in unhealthy ways. While buying paints, always check the quantity of Volatile Organic Compounds in it or if the paint is eco-friendly to opt for it.

2- Access the quantity and your need

A straightforward yet essential tip is knowing the amount of paint require.  Paints are typically sold in large containers, which come with a cover area guide. The best way to evaluate your paint requirement, calculate your total cover area and then buy accordingly. Moreover, counsel the retailer or a specialist before purchasing them.

3- Select the ideal paint for your room

Let’s start the paint job!

Wait, it’s essential to utilize the correct paint for every range. For instance, if you are in Singapore the moist climate makes soggy regions, like the roofs in our kitchen and toilets, or the territory around our aeration and cooling systems. Here use paints which contain Anti-mold substance, they will protect your home from such infections and fungus.

Each part of your home requires special attention, choose your paints wisely!

2- Access the quantity and your need

It is important to take care of your paint waste. Clean your brushes with clean water and dry them in sun before storing them. In the same way, if any paint is left store it in airtight containers. The used container should be bagged up before being thrown away.

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