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5 Tips to Choose Exterior Emulsion

When thinking of exterior emulsion, one of the things that should be kept in mind is the impression that the house will give of the whole neighborhood. If someone for example paints their house green, well that would be a sore to everyone’s eyes. Other than that the palate selected to paint the outside does also gives an impression of the homeowners.

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It is ideal to design the color scheme around an element that might be toughest to change. This element can be a driveway or stonework or roof shingles. If however renovating completely or from scratch then of course the plan can be differently centered. Finalized colors should always be such that they for a harmony between various elements.

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It is important to keep in mind the architectural style of a house. A Victorian style house will look pretty off in orange. Or a Bungalow might not give its cozy feel in red. A mid-century ranch would look perfect in hues of gray and white. A lot of paint companies offer suggestions with respect to historically used colors. Hiring a professional although is the best option.

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It is important to visualize how the house will look with respect to the rest of the houses in the lane. If it should stand out or get lost in the crowd. And if it should stand out then would it be in a nice way. One should go over these questions in their head before going forward with a color scheme.

Basically a color scheme consists of three parts, the field, the accent and trim. Field is the dominating color. Accent brings small areas to life and trim consists of edging and railings etc. Trim color in sharp contrast with the rest of the scheme is ideal.

Though paint manufacturers offer color scheming that can help one choose the right combination, but it should be kept in mind that paints can differ in tone from what they appear to be on the sample chip. It is advised to test a color before actually going ahead.

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