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Creating a Focal Point in your Room

A Focal point works as the main element of a room. Your whole room decor revolves around it.  Here a few basic and highly used tips for creating a breathtaking focal point in your room.

Every room demands a center of attention element, it can be a self-created or renovating an existing one. This focal point can help you bring a whole new life to your room. The key is to think outside the box.

Light up the Living room

Lights overly undervalued, they can not only lighten up a room rather also give it a completely new look. An artistic hanging light or nice chic lamp can give your room a completely new look.

The living room has can get a messed up feel, with too many things to focus on, but if you add a classy chandelier or a corner lamp the whole focus would be on it. Such focal points make weak points of the room to blend in the background, as they become the eye appealing element. Proper placement of lights can give your room a calm soothing ambiance.

With the help of a luxurious brown and dull gold of Sparco paint along with such lights can give your living space a brave bold yet calm look.

Backsplash of Kitchenette

A textured or statement wall can catch your attention easily. An artistic art work with the help of tiles can give your kitchen an intense depth look making it seem bigger as to normal size.

Get creative with your hidden talent and give your kitchen a bold magnifying look. Choose colors that create an in-depth ambiance, such as grey and white or black. With tiles choice stylish paints from wide range of colors of Sparco paints

The bedroom Works

Wide windows, chic fire place and a decorative items that can become a focal point of your bedroom. You can also bring a furniture element, asymmetrical to the color segment of your room.

Select a piece of furniture and create your room around it. Do not worry about the color theme as Sparco paints have you covered in this matter. Keep the room simple and clean with fine finish walls and textures.

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