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Effects of Color on Mood

A room color influences mood and thoughts daily and reflects one’s personality. A color can affect different groups of people in various ways. Coloring trends keep changing but important is to color a room according to a person’s preferences. Following steps can help choose color combinations wisely.

Clever Selection

It must be kept in mind that colors evoke emotions such as anger and joy. Setting the right tone is important for a home’s atmosphere. There is a lot of information available publicly these days. How you wish to fill a room can help choose the color more effectively. Two to three colors are enough in a room yet not too many.

Ceiling Color Effects

Ceilings are mostly an ignored part of the room and hence mostly colored white, as it has been thought to be the most comfortable choice for this area of a room. Generally, as it goes for walls, lighter colored ceilings give a higher feel as compared to a darker colored ceiling.

So to summarize, when decorating one must choose colors that suit their moods and personality

Effects of Room Color

Light colors expand small spaces while dark colors contract wider spaces, examples follow.

Red is an energizing and stimulating color. In a big room it gives a partying effect. But in a bedroom it can be too intense.

Yellow is a welcoming and happy color. Though it invokes happiness, according to studies it can cause rage if used widely.

Blue lowers blood pressure and is relaxing in nature. Lighter tones of blue carry a chill around them. A warmer tone can liven up a room. Dark tones are highly discouraged for their gloomy effect.

Green is refreshing to the eyes and goes in any room. It promotes comfort, relaxation and fertility.

Dark hues of purple bring a luxurious drama and sophistication to the room. Lighter tones of it are relaxing like blue but less chilly.

Orange is an enthusiastic color and fits best with exercise equipment.

Neutral color such as gray, white, etc. are more flexible in nature.

Using black in trim has its best use. A few experts believe black gives the necessary depth to a room.

Crimson being an irritable tone of red is discouraged to be used on walls as it invokes hostility and rage.

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