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Home Decor Moment: Lovely Combination of Bright Yellow

Bright Sunshine is just a few strokes away. You can enjoy sunny environment even when there is a cloudy sky outside. All you need is to lighten up the outlook by the help of bold buttercup colored windows and soft colors for interior decor such as subtle sea-glass home decor. No more weather boundations, keep enjoying pretty days.

Seek Specialist!

According to Lorna Aragon (a home editor) , only a small amount of yellow paint at a place makes it lasting long. She always recommends a high-gloss finish when it comes to doors, trim and furniture.

Pursuing Details?

Simply White Wall paint by Benjamin Moore. Boho daybed by CB2. Abstract pillows and Watercolor in Mineral Green by wisteria. Marble Stripe pillow by Rebecca Atwood Designs. Pillows by Kirsten Hecktermann. Pom‐Pom blanket by Totem Home. Finally, a gold rug by Dash & Albert Aster.

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