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Interior Design Measurements

Measurements in terms of scale and proportions are fundamentally important in interior designing. Just like colors, the right measurements are just as necessary.

Design Basics

Before getting into details of design, it’s important to understand what scale and proportion are. Scale is the size of an object compared to another. Proportion determines the relationship between the sizes of two objects in terms of how they complete each other or not.


The Golden Ratio is the standard proportion found in nature as well as applied in aesthetics among almost all walks of life. It forms a satisfying combination at the then that is hard to ignore. Hence it is applied in interior designing as well. The arrangement of a room is often based on this ratio. It also works best when choosing the color palate for a room.

Mixing Colors

Despite the standard ratio, same formation of colors may get boring so it’s refreshing to try different combinations. For example a room consisting of décor in varying proportions might seem more engaging at times than one that is completely balanced. But of course nothings hard and fast.


Wall art and hangings need to be proportionate as well.

Outside the Box

Interior designing does not restrict itself to the major elements but goes down to the minutest detail such as wall art and other decoration accessories. Ideally a wall hanging or décor should not exceed four-seventh of the wall. Other things such as pots and shelves are more pleasing in odd numbered fashion.

Proportion and Scale

Summarizing it all up, every single detail adds to the entire look of a room. And every room contributes to the feel of the entire space. From color to furniture and from accessories to layout everything matters and is best displayed when in the right proportion.

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