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Let’s Start a Weekend Project and Refresh Walls

New year means celebrations, happiness, renewed energy levels, etc. then why not adding a spark to the walls as well? Arranging paintings, framed art work or photos can really give your home a resheshing look. The important thing is that it’s not time taking at all. You can finish it all on a weekend.

  • Add a Rainbow effect to your black and white art collection by using colored mats behind each art. The black frames will add to the boldness.
  • Think of using picture rails and displaying your work above the fireplace. It will add grace to your lounge and of course personalized touch as well.
  • Create a framed art work above sofa set using sofa’s color as base of all frames.
  • If you have so many pictures to hang on the wall, save your wall by marking with a lot of nails; simply adhire the pictures on white paper (sizes of your choices) and stick them using removable wall tape.
  • All you need is a horizontal midline. Hang all the frames above and below that line on the wall.
  • What about a nice grouping of landscapes and portraits? This idea will work well on a long wall.
  • A bulletin board like a rail can add to the beauty of kids room. The board can be hanged lenghwise to display kids’ creativity.
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