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  • Sparco Water Based Primer (Improved)

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    Sparco Water Based Primer is specially formulated to seal pores and imperfections of new & previously painted interior and exterior surfaces of wood concrete, brick work, plaster and gypsum. After application it works well as an alkali and salt resistant, showing good adhesion and hiding power.

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    Weather Shelter

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    Sparco Weather Shelter is a 100% pure acrylic based paint specially formulated to with stand the harsh, hot and humid climate of subcontinent. The special acrylic binder gives a durable and long lasting matt finish with low dirt pickup. Sparco Weather Shelter special formulation will also protect against concrete carbonation. It is ideal for decorating and protecting exterior surfaces and specially suited as a maintenance product.

  • Sparco Roof Seal

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    Sparco Roof seal coating is specially formulated for roofs which dramatically enhances the lite of the roof. It provides two unique features. First it reduces the temperature of the roof membrane to which it is applied. This reduced temperature coupled with the UV blocking properties of the coating and reduces the degradation and deterioration «of the roofing membrane enabling it to last longer.

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