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    Silk Touch Emulsion

    600 8220 

    Sparco Silk touch emulsion is a good quality PVA based interior emulsion with high spreading rate tough & durable film. It contains anti fungal & anti bacterial additives. It exhibits good brush & recoat ability. It gives good flow and a smooth flat finish for new & previously painted interior surface.

  • Sparco Water Based Primer (Improved)

    790 13720 

    Sparco Water Based Primer is specially formulated to seal pores and imperfections of new & previously painted interior and exterior surfaces of wood concrete, brick work, plaster and gypsum. After application it works well as an alkali and salt resistant, showing good adhesion and hiding power.

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    Plastic Emulsion

    1250 17500 

    Sparco Plastic Emulsion is an acrylic based high quality interior emulsion with high spread­ing rate,tough and durable film and having light fast pigments. It is unsponifiable & contains anti fungal and anti bacterial additives.

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    StainProof Aqua Matt Finish

    1660 26980 

    Sparco stain proof is a premium interior wall paint which is a striking combination of luxury durable Silk finish. This luxurious finish is designed to be easy to clean, it prevents stain penetration into the paint film, Due to its high wash ability, walls stay beautiful for longer last.

15% OFF