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Selecting Paint Finish

Selecting the right paint finish for a wall may be confusing around its terminology but following might help get a grip on what to choose and where.

Gray Paint Finish


The downside of matte enamel is its porous texture that absorbs dirt and stains, hence it fades quickly. On the other hand the depth that a color gives in matte is more satisfying and appealing.


Most likely choice as, like an egg shell, this has very low sheen and at the same time gives the appearance of a matte finish.


This kind of paint has a bit of gloss as well as the smoothness of velvet. It is mostly used as trim as well as in busy rooms.


This paint finish can be used on cabinets and doors or in trim as well. It highlights whatever it is painted on and needs proper preparation before application.

High Gloss

This paint finish is very reflective in nature. With correct preparation of the wall it brings drama. It is standard for furniture, cabinets and trim. But due to its magnifying property it is always a dangerous choice as it will highlight even the tiniest of imperfections.

Juneberry Paint Finish

An important aspect of finishing a wall is how it is prepared called “Wall Level Finishing”. It’s the number of layers and times mud, sand and dry is applied. Of course it doesn’t apply to existing walls.

It comes in six levels and no professional goes below level four. The level of preparation is dependent on the choice of wall finish selected.


This is the very basic finishing used when wall decoration is not finalized or temporarily during construction.


This is used where there is almost no exposure or traffic and not much is focused on underlying marks and joints.


This finish is recommended for garages and warehouses and is slightly different in quality from level one finish.


This is recommended on walls that will be decorated in a medium to heavy covering.


This is the recommended finish for a matte finish paint. No marks are left visible.


This is the most luxurious form of wall preparation. In addition to all the steps in level four, this level consist of the application of an additional layer that gives the exact smoothness.

To sum it up wall preparation and right wall finish produce the exact wall that one may have in mind.

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