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SEVEN Classical Designs for Crispy Winters by Designer Christiane Lemieux

The founder of DwellStudio, Christiane Lemieux always prefers quality furniture and home decor because she believes in eternal designing. She admires the history of creations either it’s the wallpaper or woven rugs. Here we have her ultimate tips regarding fall design n decor:

ONE: Diving into the Blue

Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Indigo, etc. are all extensions of blue and blue is the color of winter. You you need is to dive in and grab the rich velvety shades for your dining chairs, walls and decor items.

TWO: Greenery and Flowers of the Fall

According to her, a perfect blend of flowers and fragrances of fall add to the perfect color schemes of a place. An instant way of adding colors to a space is the addition of greenery, herbs and flowers of fall. Subtle scent is a bonus effect.

THREE: Books, Books and Books

Books are not only a wonderful resource of information, but also an elegant decor item. So, having lots and lots of books is like killing two birds with one stone as I will fill up the empty space, adding grace, as well as food for your mind.

FOUR: From Mantel to Art Gallery

What can be better than decorating the mantel with respect to this season? It’s time to consider the mantel as a personal art gallery. Create masterpieces and rotate your collection from time to time.

FIVE: Dark means Delightful Sophistication

Christiane Lemieux told that she painted her office with deep bluish black shade and the effect of that shade had made her space looked bigger and ofcourse dramatic as well. She believes that painting darker tones is a design trick.

SIX: Layering up with Textures

As we all know that fall is entirely a season of layers and layers. All you need to do is to smart choices of textures and patterns.

SEVEN: Place for Love and Conversations

Christiane shares her personal experience with kids at home preferring settee over sofa and highlights the importance of beautiful nook. She told that she could snuggle with kids on that settee.

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