Sparco Wood Shelter Color Coat

Since its inception two decades ago, Sika Paint Industries (Pvt) Limited along with its brand “SPARCO PAINTS” was found by Malik Muhammad Javaid Iqbal in 1988 on sole proprietorship concern. The company became private limited in 2004. Ever since then, the world of possibilities have never stopped coming around for Sika Paint Industries (Pvt) Limited.

Sparco Wood Shelter Color Coat is a quick drying nitrocellulose based coloed solution for wooden surface, available in different colors. its has good sealing properties with beautiful finish without hiding the wood grains of surface. It has good ashesion, durable, excellent leveling and sealing properties. it is used on soft wood, hard wood, plywood, furniture, timberwork such as doors, windows, table, Cupboards etc.

  • Stains & Weathproof
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Crack & Peel Resistant
  • Easy to Apply
  • Innovative Wood Solutions
For Interior and Exterior Use

Fire Pit WC-1209

Golden Oak WC-1201

Diyar WC-1202

Ash Blond WC-1203

Amberwood WC-1204

Royal Red WC-1205

Pumpkin WC-1206

Cedar Wood WC-1207

Walnut Brown WC-1208

Chicago Brick WC-1210

Festive Green WC-1211

Wet Bark WC-1212

Georgia Clay WC-1213

Spice Pink WC-1214

Maderia Red WC-1215

Mahogany WC-1216

Primary Blue WC-1217

Green Valley WC-1218

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