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The Colors You Will Love in 2018

Now, It is the right time to talk about the home decor trends of 2018 as it’s just few steps ahead. Although, 2017 was the reign of warm neutral shades, decent camel accents and tropical green; we can forecast for the coming year as well. 2018 seems to be fully occupied by even edgier shades. Do you want to Imagine how these colors will rise and shine in your personal space? Check out the 7 fantastic rooms below.

Add Drama to your Space with BLACK

2018 will be an era of sexy trend and black will be treated as a neutral shade of the year. You will see black color complementing almost all themes. Your eyes will be amazed with black floors, black vases, chandeliers, etc. and that’s how you will spot a sleek look everywhere.

Be Ready for Minimalist Palette

It’s time for your fill your heart with soft and washed color palette. The colors like sandy pink and mint green will be the modern hues of coming year.

Powerful Pink

Pink has finally lost its gendered echo. Now, Pink is a symbol of diverse feelings like lust, joy, kindness, etc. Undoubtedly, it’s a mood-enhancing shade. Pantone predicts pinkish versions of home decor in 2018.

Tranquil Gaze of Blue Hues

We hope to see tech free spaces in 2018 where will find real peace and relaxing environment. Colors will play an important role in this mission so, the shades of blue are obvious in this region. The serene blues create an instant effect of calmness.

Vigorous Yellow & Greens

According to Pantone’s predictions, vibrant colors like yellow will not be considered a risky decision in 2018 as designs doesn’t mean to be serious always so, be ready to paint your walls with lime popsicle to bring back the childhood.

New Neutrals: Metallics

Do you think metallics are a dramatic color choice? Well! No more… 2018’s palette of neutrals has eaten all metallic shades so, metallics will be known as new neurals of 2018. You will find metallics on roofs, picture frames, decor accessories, etc.

Tech Friendly Color Choices

Geeky minds are also capturing the world of colors with their excellent and non-materialistic ideas so, it’s your turn to turn your space in a tech-friendly zone with the help of watery blue tones, tech greens, energetic purples as well as warm yellow shades.

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